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Puppies at Three and a Half Weeks Old:

Puppies Eyes Have Opened!

Our Sailor Moon Scouts Litter (Summer x Kilo) are 2 weeks old today (December 9th). All 6 have opened their eyes. They are very mobile and wobbly as they navigate in the whelping box. They are gaining their upper strength and tactile stimulation has been the most important stimulus they are receiving from the human caregivers, our family of 4. They have started listening to different sounds daily. Summer has been an excellent mom to these 6 beautiful and healthy pups. Meet Mercury (F), Mars (F), Moon (F), Tux (M), Jupiter (F), & Venus (F)!


Puppies at One Week Old


Summer on her 6th birthday (December 1, 2023) with her puppies. 5 girls: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter. 1 boy: Tux (Tuxedo Mask) 


Videos from 3 days old:

Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 4.16.24 AM.png
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