"Stranger Things Part 1" at One Week Old (July 6, 20220)

"Betsy" GrCH US & Canadian Old Havana’s Awesome Blossom x

"Forest" Selah-Amblers Hotshot Hero


"Stranger Things Part 2" at One Week Old (July 11, 20220)

"Summer" Ch Canadian Old Havana’s Summer Spirit x "Pongo" Sonrisas Pongo at Old Havana

4 boys: Will, Dustin, Lucas and Mike. 3 girls: Ellie, Max, and Erica. 


4 boys: Steve, Eddie, Jonathan and Argyle. 2 girls: Robin and Nancy. 

Eyes Are Opening!

July 12 2022: Betsy's puppies are twelve days old, and all their eyes will be opening any time soon. Today, Ellie, was the first to open her eyes! Welcome to the world of vision Ellie. 😍


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