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Welcome to Old Havana Havanese. I am Myrna McCallum, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, with a passion for breeding and showing healthy Havanese. I live in Kingsville, Ontario with my husband and two children who are all involved with our Havanese care. I am a proud member of the following organizations: CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), HFC (Havanese Fancier 's Club), GLHC (Great Lakes Havanese Club), HOLA (Havanese Owners and Lovers Association), and Windsor 's All Breed Training & Tracking Club. Keep up to date with us and all our dogs by liking our Facebook page "Old Havana Havanese", and following our instagram page @oldhavanahavanese. Thanks for stopping by! ☺️🐾


Announcing the arrival of our Stranger Things Part 1 and 2 litters, June 30th and July 4th.
Check out pages "News," "Litters," and "Puppy Updates" for more, or head over to our Facebook page "Old Havana Havanese! 

Tiny & healthy canines with big 

We are a small hobby breeder

Training (Don't waste time!)
Proper puppy development and socialization lead to success in our dog training effort. 


We hope you enjoy our website!

Like us and stay up to date on our Facebook page. Click link below on the Facebook icon, or look up our page at "Old Havana Havanese".

Announcing the arrival of our Stranger Things Part 1 and 2 litters this early July, 2022.

There's a short period of time that is easy to miss or make a mistake by not socializing your puppy properly or effectively at the right time; we make sure it's not missed.

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Exercise & Fun

At Old Havana, exercise is a top priority as these playful canines have some demand for exercise. As puppies, they are exposed to different stimuli to prepare them as well-rounded, balanced pets. Different milestones such as birthdays are also celebrated.

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Our girls from L-R: Nena, Cleo, Betsy, Bree, Merry and Summer. 

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